A unique network of Local DNA Testing Clinics, Pharmacies and Sample Collectors providing one to one appointments throughout Ireland.

DNA Clinics is part of the BioClinics group. BioClinics is a leading provider of DNA, Drug and Alcohol testing in the Republic of Ireland.

BioClinics have been providing DNA testing services to individuals, the private and the public sector since 2005. We are the only DNA test service provider in Ireland that delivers the following:

  • Genuine DNA sample collection options throughout the Ireland.
  • UK Ministry of Justice Accredited laboratories with ISO 17025.
  • All inclusive, transparent DNA test prices with sample collection included, no hidden costs.
  • Fully managed testing with a dedicated DNA test case manger.
  • Conclusive results for complex DNA tests including Sibling and Y Chromosome DNA testing.
  • Post DNA test counselling services.
  • Express DNA testing available.

Call free on the numbers above to speak to a qualified clinical adviser who will be available to answer any DNA test related questions you may have and guide you through the appointment process.